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What is a lean system?

Nov. 21, 2020


The connotation of lean production: Lean production (LP) is a production management method originated from Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan. After the Second World War, the Japanese automobile industry began to take off, but at this time the production mode that ruled the world was mass production represented by the American Ford system. This production method produces high-volume, small-variety products in the form of an assembly line, which drives cost reductions with scale effects, and thus brings price competitiveness. When the US auto industry was at the peak of its development, Japanese automakers could not compete with it under the same production model. During the ten years from the establishment of Toyota Motor Corporation to 1950, the total output was less than the output of Ford in one day. Therefore, after analyzing the mass production method, Toyota's Ohno and others gradually created a unique multi-variety, small-batch, high-quality and low-consumption production method based on their own characteristics, that is, lean production.

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The lean production method is LeanProduction, which is the name given to this production method by the research team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States after investigating and studying the production management method of the Japanese automobile industry. The "Jing" of "Lean" means lean, and "Yi" means "benefit". "Lean" means to obtain the maximum output with the smallest investment, and design and produce it at the fastest speed, sell it in the market at the lowest cost and reasonable price, and with obvious competitive advantages, comprehensive, flexible and high-quality , A rich variety of designs and colors provide users with satisfactory services, and ultimately implement the results into economic benefits.

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The core content of lean production is the just-in-time production method (JIT), which successfully stops overproduction through Kanban management, and realizes "produce the necessary quantity of necessary products at the necessary moment", thus completely eliminating the production process The waste, and various indirect wastes derived from it, realize the rationality, efficiency and flexibility of the production process. The JIT method is a complete technology complex, including business philosophy: production organization, logistics control, quality management, cost control, inventory management, on-site management, etc., including a relatively complete production management technology and method system as shown in the figure.

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Lean production methods can be summed up in one sentence: Lean production methods are ideas and techniques that eliminate invalid labor and waste. The lean production method combines the advantages of single-piece production and mass production, avoiding the high cost of the former and the rigidity of the latter. It has the following characteristics:

①Establish a long-term relationship with customers, retailers and wholesalers, so that orders from customers and retailers or wholesalers are directly linked to the production system of the factory. Sales becomes the starting point of the company’s production activities. Product development and product production are both Taking sales as the starting point, organize multi-variety and small-batch production according to the order contract. Users can produce what they need, produce as much as they need, and get as much output as possible with as little investment as possible. Product development ensures high quality and low cost, shortens the product development cycle, greatly reduces the inventory in the circulation link, and satisfies the needs of customers to the greatest extent with rapid and thoughtful service.

② Treat all inventory in production as waste, emphasize the requirement of zero inventory, and produce the required parts and products in the required quantity, thus greatly reducing the inventory of products and finished products, reducing the backlog of working capital and reducing costs. Put an end to all advanced and overproduction.

③Taking “people” as the center, fully mobilizing people's potential and enthusiasm, engaging in the best work with the best working environment, best conditions, and best working attitude, so as to pursue perfection in an all-round way. Multi-machine operation and multi-process management are generally promoted, and workers are organized into work teams to not only complete production tasks, but also participate in enterprise management, engage in various innovative activities, and improve labor productivity. Pursue no waste, zero inventory, zero failure, etc., reduce product costs, and ensure product diversification. From the perspective of management concepts, lean production always regards the existing production methods and management methods as the object of improvement, and continuously pursues further reduction of costs , Reduce costs, zero defects, and diversify products.